The Z Hotel - Palace of crows and salt and strange people

Dear Tathagata,

Puri already seems light years ago.

I wanted to thank you and Adyasha for having us at the Z Hotel this time. It always has been a good place for me to write. I am still working on The Man with the Golden Mind, which will be out worldwide in February 2014. Your contribution will be duly noted.

You asked me what I thought about the changes at the hotel.

Now, with the distance of a month or two, here's my two Baht worth.

The restoration has brought both good and bad changes. The Z is obviously very much part of your life and so perhaps it changes along with its owner, as it must. As I grow older, I also appreciate modern bathrooms. I understand your notion that refurbishment was necessary. So, you had to do something and you did most of it well. It is still a beautiful hotel.

The flipside of this is the hike in the room price which is, given your investment, not unreasonable. But of course it changes the Z in the sense that guests who happily spend the new rates are likely to be different from the ones who paid the old room rates. Once again, this is not a criticism as such. Everything must change. The Z will perhaps become more of a hotel and less the windswept romantic film set, the palace of crows and salt and strange people lurking in the hallways, the place where anything really is possible, the place you created in the first place.

Once again, thanks for your hospitality, to you and your family as well as all the staff at the Z.

When in Bangkok next, be sure to drop a line beforehand.

All the best,


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